Anonymous asked: You don't think Caroline would keep her last name?

I suppose that’s up to her. I phrased it as Caroline Elton mostly for effect, and i feel that it would be better for Senetor Elton’s career if Caroline changed her last name, but that is something that they will have to decide for themselves.

I guess now, I can finally tell you! Caroline’s engaged! To A State Senator! Goodbye Caroline Lee, hello Caroline Elton!

I’m Still Here

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks, a lot has happened… but I’ve finally settled down. I moved into that apartment Ed showed me and I have a part time job working with Clara at Sanditon Scoops, but just until I figure things out. I’ll still be here for a while, letting you know what’s going on with me.

When are people going to learn? Meddling should be left to the experts - like me!

I love this! William, you may now always address me as this. Thanks.

So, I for one like that Domino is so meddlesome and revealing, It reminds me of, well, me. But the townsfolk don’t all seem to agree. What are some of your opinions?

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m I te who thinks she was talking about a little mre than ice cream right here?

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I did the right thing… right?

Jun 3 | 2

underthebrightestlights asked: Heyy :)

Hey! Thanks for being the first person to talk to me on Tumblr since I moved to Sanditon! How are you? I love your URL!

Hey guys! So I know I’ve been basically MIA for a while now, but its only because I have been trying to set myself up in Sanditon while trying to spread the word about Domino to all of the townies. But don’t worry, I’m back and better than ever! So don’t be afraid to talk to me! My ask box is open and ready, and I am dying to make some more new friends!

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